Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ShakeOut Showcase: City of Beverly Hills

The City of Beverly Hills, like many others in Southern California, is going above and beyond when it comes to participating in the ShakeOut.

What you see above is a copy of the proclamation that recognizes the City’s commitment to participating in the drill and spreading the word about the ShakeOut, and that fancy piece of paper isn’t just talk either.

The City of Beverly Hills has been raising awareness about the ShakeOut through a wide range of media. They have broadcast messages about the ShakeOut through the City’s 1500am emergency information station, the City’s text cable channel has been running info about the ShakeOut, and their website and their employees intranet is filled with posters and banners of the largest earthquake drill in U.S. history, urging everyone to participate.

Their outreach goes beyond that: they have held an emergency preparedness symposium, which attracted 42 businesses from the community that are now passing the word along to their employees; several additional ShakeOut presentations have been made to faith-based organizations and community groups; and the City featured Dr. Lucy Jones in their monthly forum series this September. Dr. Jones’ lecture has been posted online, check it out:

Beverly Hills Forum Series: Dr. Lucy Jones "Creating a Culture of Preparedness"

All employees of the City of Beverly Hills will be participating in the ShakeOut drill on November 13. Throughout all of the City’s facilities around 500 people, including customers, will be asked to Drop Cover and Hold On at 10 AM for a full 55 seconds while the ShakeOut Drill Broadcast (which is available for download at www.shakeout.org) plays over the facilities’ loud speakers. Employees out in the field or those in cars will be asked to act appropriately too.

After the drill the city will launch a full scale, 4-hours long disaster exercise, where employees of the city will be participating together with the Beverly Hills School District.

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