Thursday, November 6, 2008

One week until ShakeOut!

With one week left until the Great Southern California ShakeOut, we have reached our goal, with 5101354 participants registered as of 7 PM 11/6/08!!! Thank you to all who have registered, and we look forward to that number climbing even higher!

Here is an update on the resources and exciting features available on the ShakeOut website:

NEW! Audio and Video recordings have been created to provide instructions during your Drop, Cover, Hold On drill. You can utilize these on the day of the ShakeOut to help start your drill.

NEW! Numerous videos including an amazing new short film depicts what will happen in a "big one" as a catalyst for preparedness. There are some pretty funny commercials on this page too. A favorite has proven itself to be Brick to Face.

Looking to do some last minute advertising about the ShakeOut but don't have time to write something? Do not fear! Visit the ShakeOut website to download some pre-written articles to inform your community about the upcoming ShakeOut.

Have access to website maintenance? Put up some ShakeOut banner ads to link back to the main ShakeOut website.

Finally, visit the resources page on the ShakeOut site for various other flyers, posters, postcards, and more!

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